I'm an experienced internal and external communication professional who understands your needs and respect your unique challenges.
Whether it's an entire communications strategy and implementation plan, or a simple project you needed yesterday  – I'm here to support YOU.

How Can I Help?

  1. Strategy and Planning
    Strategy and Planning
  2. Project Work
    Project Work
  3. Extra Pair of Hands
    Extra Pair of Hands
  4. Creative Services
    Creative Services
I know how to create internal and external communications plans that respect your companies' unique culture, goals and challenges. I design internal and external, innovative, campaigns that engage and spur action.
From start to finish, your project will be clearly defined and every task outlined. Execution with creativity is our trademark. No details will be overlooked. No deadlines wiil be missed.
I know what it's like – the deadlines don't get moved, but the work just keeps coming. Contact me  – I'll be your partner. And you can go home on time for a change.
Whether you need advertisements, websites, slides, logos, flyers, email headers – you name it – I produce attention-grabbing visuals at a reasonable cost.

What Exactly Do I Have To Offer?

I've been there... and know how to take initiative.
I've worked in large international corporations as well as startups and smaller companies. I've worked to support product launches, mergers, acquisitions, new branding and name changes, new organizational structures and just day-to-day internal and external comms. I've designed and implemented marketing and public relations campaigns, events (including all hands meetings), intranets, collaboration tools, engagement programs and much more.
I meet deadlines and budgets – no exceptions.
I hated it when I couldn't count on consultants to deliver and I would never do that to one of my clients. I set expectations clearly, communicate consistently and work to the approved budgets. No surprises!
You always work with a principal – a great experience at a great value. 
There isn't an "agency" markup. I'll never have one person manage the account and a less experienced person do the actual work. I'm there for you throughout the entire project. I also have a network of people I can call on that each brings unique, proven skills so you get the creativity and ideas of a large, diverse group.