I Love a Good Challenge!

The business world changes constantly although the essentials remain the same.

When it comes to internal communications there's very little I haven't seen or done – although I'm always willing to learn something new! I remain calm under pressure and I understand deadlines that seem impossible to meet. I get excited about solving problems in new ways that help you meet your goals.
Bring it on – I'm ready!
  1. Planning and Strategy
    I believe it's important to keep strategy simple and nimble so you can react to outside forces and new directions. I'll help you look at options, understand customer needs, know your competitors, and your areas of strength – all to help you achieve your goals.
  2. Presentations and Slideware
    I'll help you deliver memorable, persuasive presentations and events that use the power of creativity to grab and motivate your audience. Mimi Denman also teaches a well-received class on "How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint."
  3. Writing and Editing
    I specialize in writing compelling messages – without HR or tech speak. And when it comes to editing - we can make short it's not only grammatically correct but also punchy, engaging and clear.
  4. Campaign Design and Execution
    I approach employees as specific audiences and design creative campaigns that persuade, remind, encourage change or educate.
  5. Executive Communications
    We have expertise in working with executives to help them deliver their messaging to employees. Many times they have an important message, but they don't know how to engage employees. We can help you drive that message home.
  6. Speaking Engagements
    I can help you develop a compelling story for your executive to tell. In fact, I can help you tell your story in a compelling way too. Presentations are a specialty that I have developed over the years and we're here to help you with a sucessful speaking engagement. We are also available to speak on communications topics and train your teams.
  7. HR Communications
    Whether you need help reminding employees to sign up for open enrollment or need managers to take action and complete reviews; I've done it. I know how to take information that is necessary (but perhaps not top of mind) and make it stand out and get noticed through humor or other specific campaigns. This leads to action and better compliance.
  8. Creative Services
Click here for the Syllabus. Every course can be customized to your organization's needs.
Whether it's an infographic, logo, slides, email header, illustration or just Photoshop editing, I have the skills and creativity to create just what you need. Click here to see a gallery of some of our work.