From my Clients

"Mimi Denman is the ultimate and complete package when it comes to corporate communications and branding strategies. I have had the distinct honor and pleasure of working with Mimi over the past couple of years and witnessed her brilliant innovation in helping to engage employees by using visionary and strategic thinking to lead and execute
internal communications....strategies through multiple channels including the intranet, multi-media walls, All Hands and Town Hall Meetings, PowerPoint presentations and executive messages. 

With her creative thinking and top-notch graphic design skills, Mimi successfully engaged a global employee base in initiatives that would have otherwise been ignored. She also took the global intranet to another level by not only making it visually appealing but also making it intuitive and fun for users. 

In addition, with her knowledge of and expertise in external communications and marketing, Mimi also provides a unique and insightful perspective on corporate communications and inspires those around her to be creative and take risks, which results in a high-energy and fun working environment with dynamic results."

Butler Rondeno
Internal Communications Director, SalesForce
"...on a rare occasion one has the fortune in business to be associated with someone truly extraordinary - that would be the case with Mimi Garrity Denman. I had the good fortune to be introduced to Mimi by a mutual friend I had worked with when I was president of the video game company Sega of America.I  had founded a new company 10 Plus Entertainment and we had a project called New Hollywood Stars. After being introduced we hired Mimi to do the design for the whole look of our project that touched almost every media and distribution method of information in existence. 

Mimi literally took ownership of this part of our outbound phase, working closely with 10 Plus people and over- delivered in every aspect of the project. She was critical to our success - she was efficient, accurate and was just plain fun for all of us to work with. 
I hope we have the occasion to work with Mimi again in the future." 

Alan Stone
CEO, NanoTech Entertainment
"I've worked for Mimi and she's worked for me over the years. This long-standing relationship is due to her being one of the most creative (therefore visionary) and organized (therefore productive) people I know. She bases her very engaging creative output on deep research, coupled with her intuition about what will serve a project or a client best. Oh, and also, she's very collaborative, which is a rare strength of creative folks. She just wants the work to sing. Which is why I'm happy to sing her praises, even though this is an unsolicited recommendation."

Gail Whipple
Change and Communications Manager, Genentech 
"During my time at RMS, I have worked closely with Mimi and seen her not only excel at the core elements of her job but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of her role. Mimi is totally conformable working in a technical environment and knows how to work with and communicate to engineers like myself and my team. Internal communications is one area which is difficult to measure but with Mimi championing it, RMS saw a sharp increase in employee engagement and productivity. Mimi also has a great sense of humor and has the skills to keep us all constantly entertained while we work hard. I highly recommend Mimi."

Srivatsa Radhakrishna 
Engineering Manager, Flex at Amazon

" I have known Mimi for nearly twenty years, both as a client of my digital agency when she was CMO at Adecco, and as a colleague, at two agencies while she was the principal of Denman Communications. At my agency, we value people who bring multiple talents to the table, and Mimi brought a blend of business strategy, marketing communications, clear writing, client relationship management, and a great sense of design. We value people who can operate at multiple levels simultaneously, whether it is strategic thinking, practical problem solving, or hands-on execution of marketing programs and Mimi worked well at all levels. We value people like Mimi who are able to represent the best of our agency, and at the same time represent the needs of our clients and their customers. And we value people who are able to blend deep experience of marketing best practices with new models, methods and technologies, which was one of Mimi’s primary strengths. Mimi’s work with us involved strategy, messaging and client relationships for a variety of companies including regional healthcare, insurance, energy and consumer electronics brands. These companies were clear, confident and caring in their branding, and trusted us to contribute to their marketing success. Mimi’s applied knowledge and experience in marketing and branding were important factors in our ability to do our best work for our clients. 

Steve Nelson
SN.Forward, Founder (formerly CTO at AP42)