2017 Client Projects 

Many of our projects are internal and directed to employees. Therefore, we respect our clients' privacy and will not show images or use client names. Below, however, are descriptions of some of the challenges and solutions we successfully completed for our HR clients in 2016 alone. We'd be happy to show examples in a face-to-face meeting of non-confidential projects.

Top Five Pharmaceutical Company

  • Designed and implemented a SharePoint collaboration site that included a Communications Toolkit with forms, templates, resources, image libraries, FAQs and many other resources – all organized in a user-friendly manner. Upon request, created two other sites with the same look and feel for other groups within the organization.

  • Designed numerous themed posters, emails (with custom headers), table tents, presentations, and more that communicated important internal events and encouraged participation.

  • Used a storytelling theme for a highly-successful, large-scale poster designed to communicate the company's approach and processes to all other senior managers at a global event. 

  • Reordered, restructured and redesigned three to seven presentations each month, on a very tight deadline, that explained the group's goals and vision to the entire U.S.-based team.

  • Communicated the rollout of a new Help Center with a "remodel/new construction" theme campaign that explained the benefits of new processes.

Top 15 Silicon Valley Technology Company

  • Created and manage newly refreshed intranet community site for SAP Talent, Leadership & Learning.

  • Designed simplified diagrams to explain complex new platforms and services to internal audiences and senior leaders for Cisco.

  • Created infographics that visually described changes in the organization. Expanded the infographics to other vehicles including digital signage and audience-specific, targeted presentations.

Top 25 Silicon Valley Tech Companies

  • With the director in internal communications at Riverbed, created all new product and solutions internal websites to give salespeople the tools needed to be better informed and have easy access to all training, competitive documents, presentations, etc. 

  • Managed internal communications for the Equinix acquisition of 29 Verizon data centers. 

  • Created internal website for  Equinix managers to give them the context, tools, templates, training, etc. to hire effectively. This 7-Step Hiring process was a turn-key destination on the company's Intranet that made it easier to write job descriptions, use social media for recruiting, interview using the behavioral interviewing technique, lead group interviews, negotiate salaries, make offers, onboard and more.

  • Project managed two career sites on the company's public site to attract U.S. Military Veterans and University Relations candidates (new to hire and interns). Gathered assets, created wireframes, wrote and edited copy, and collaborated with various internal teams to go live in a timely manner.
U.S. Health Care Company

  • Helped to create a strategy to communicate significant changes to pay structures and benefits to field-based employees. Created a symbol/icon library and color theme to quickly identify teams and leaders. Created and lead focus groups, wrote and distributed surveys and two-way communication vehicles to receive, and respond to, feedback.

Top 25 US Banking Institution

  • Created highly engaging campaign to bring attention to new security measures and encourage participation. Created employee spotlights and a unique reward system that was publicized throughout the company. 

  • Created unique, theme-based campaign to encourage participation, by established deadlines for annual enrollment. Included posters, digital signage, email and intranet communication. Used humor to stand out and generate positive attention.

  • Introduced a new internal accounting system to employees using employees as spokespeople who offered testimonials about its ease and effectiveness.

  • Created strategy and implemented highly effective rewards and recognition program in response to poor HR survey results. Expanded the program into an idea-generating site.