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Motivating your work force may be the toughest and most important challenge you face, especially in the age of social media, when a few disgruntled employees can destroy your reputation. I bring tools, metrics... and heart to the problem.
Whether it's creating effective campaigns to communicate benefits, wellness, organizational changes, or events; I understand HR content and I know successful methods to reach your employees and encourage action. 
Change is just plain hard but I can make it easier through a structured approach that ensures that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented, and that the lasting benefits of your change initiative are achieved. 
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Intranets have evolved from data repositories and linked pages to collaboration tools that help employees find information quickly, learn from their colleagues, and work together online. I've seen it and I can build it. 


We all crave attention and praise for a job well done. Then why is it so hard to create meaningful recognition programs? From a simple thank you note to a peer-to-peer online program I can help you establish a culture of appreciation that motivates.
Of course we know the software, but more important, we know how to understand your audience and create a presentation or an event wth specific measurable goals. I combine creativity with the right information for the right audiences.
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See Case Studies
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